Dubai’s Crown Prince saves sick child

Baby recovers after partial heart transplant in US Mayo Clinic

An Emirati family had nearly given up hope their new born girl would survive a serious heart illness before Dubai’s Crown Prince intervened and revived that hope when he decided to pay for her costly surgery in the United States.

Chada Al Shehi was born in Dubai without a left ventricle in her heart and local doctors said she would die without a transplant abroad.

But the operation turned out to be so expensive that the Shehi family could not bear even a fraction of its costs given its relatively small income.

A day after the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emarat Al Youm published Chada’s ordeal and an appeal by her mother for help, Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai’s Executive Council, told the child’s family that their daughter would be sent abroad for treatment and he would pay all the expenses.

“Chada had a surgery during which she had a new ventricle. She has returned to Dubai with almost a new heart and has fully recovered and she can now play and run like all other children,” her mother said.

“Chada had a new life thanks to God the Almighty and to Sheikh Hamdan, he has proved to be a symbol of benevolence and unlimited generosity. I just can not describe my delight for my daughter’s recovery and my gratitude for Sheikh Hamdan for his personal interest in my daughter.”

Chada was treated at Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s best known medical centres. US doctors spent nearly four hours to plant a new ventricle for the child, who was later moved to the intensive care unit.

“After they performed the surgery, the doctors appeared confident it was successful…she has now recovered and is having a normal life. She eats, play and run before our eyes at home. We are very grateful for Sheikh Hamdan, who has restored the smile to us,” said Chada’s father, Ibrahim Al Shehi.


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