Dubai's deadliest accident? 15 charred

Fifteen people sharing an illegal accommodation in Dubai were charred to death in a fire which took place back in 2009.

Recalling this terrible incident, Lt. Ali Al Shamsi, an officer at Dubai Police Search and Rescue Department shared with Emirates 24|7 that it was the worst accident - ever - in his service life.

“I was new to the department, and I clearly remember this accident.”

He added that the accident took place in an old traditional house in the Gold Souq area.

“The house was divided into many small wooden rooms by illegal tenants and there were more than 50 persons living in that house.”

Lt. Al Shamsi pointed out that later on, investigations showed that one of the tenants was cooking early in the morning that day when the gas cylinder exploded.

“It was early morning and a majority of the tenants were sleeping and taken by surprise. That is why many of them were unable to leave the house on time.”

When the rescue teams arrived at the spot, they were shocked to see the charred bodies and had to simply remove the ashes.

“It was a difficult day seeing all these charred bodies.  We were removing their ashes. It was a terrible accident.”

He pointed out that being part of Dubai Police Search and Rescue team means a lot to him.

“At the end of the day, we feel satisfied after helping all those in need and saving lives. However, we also see lots of tragedies. Some of these accidents are not easy to forget, and this fire is one of these accidents.”