Dubai's ‘My City - My Environment’ phase II

Having successfully completed the two week awareness campaign, the waste management department at Dubai Municipality launches the second stage of ‘My City… My Environment’ drive on 15 May 2014 to more areas in Dubai focusing on the collection and segregation of recyclable waste at source, thus reducing waste to landfill.

Based on the success and positive response from the community members during the pilot project last year, the department in collaboration with its stakeholders expanded the drive across Jumeirah 1, 2 & 3, Al Safa 1 & 2, Umm Suqueim 1, 2 & 3, Al Manara, Umm Al Seif and Al Barsha 2 & 3 areas.

Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality said: ‘The campaign aims at introducing the best practices for cleanliness and making Dubai a greener city. it also emphasizes Dubai Municipality’s continuous efforts on high quality services to keep the city clean,’. 

‘This door-to-door waste collection and recycling service for all the residents is a unique initiative that will educate the public and allow them to help Dubai Municipality in recycling the household waste in an efficient manner,’ Lootah said.  

Eng. Abdul Majeed Saifaie, director of waste management department  said : ‘Dubai adheres to global standards when it comes to cleaner and greener environment. As we are moving forward to host EXPO 2020, our aim is to make Dubai clean and green. Hence, we have launched several such initiatives to create a healthy ecosystem. We are confident that this unique initiative will be a great success with the help of public support. In fact, Dubai residents have always shown great support for anything we do to encourage more recycling in this city’.

‘In addition, the cleaner communities would lead to a more pleasant lifestyle, keep the residents morale high and sickness rate low, thus creating the necessary social conditions for higher economic growth. This campaign will be wide ranging and we are grateful to have the support of Dulsco, Averda and Trashco for their dedication in promoting this initiative and helping us to take this message across to each and every doorstep,’ Saifaie said.

‘Dubai Municipality has chosen Dulsco, Averda and Trashco as its strategic partners for ‘My City My Environment’ initiative for taking the message to each of the households in Jumeirah 1, 2 & 3, Al Safa 1 & 2, Umm Suqueim 1, 2 & 3, Al Manara, Umm Al Seif and Al Barsha 2 & 3 areas., he said.

‘This programme will see volunteers visiting every household in the identified areas and explaining the complete process with regard to this initiative. The residents will also be informed about the campaign by using a wide range of communication tools such as the distribution of collaterals, public education activities, road-shows, talk-shows on radio, posters and banners explaining the importance of the initiative,’ he further said. 

‘As part of this initiative, every house will be given two 240 litre colour coded green and black coloured bins. Each bin carries clear instructions to help the residents separate the waste. The green bins are meant for recyclables such as plastic containers,  cardboard boxes (flattened out), newspapers, magazines, books, papers,  mineral water / glass / plastic bottles (emptied out), aluminum and metal cans, milk and juice bottles,’ he explained.
‘The black coloured bins are meant for all other types of ‘general’ waste such as leftover food, vegetable and fruit skins, meat, dairy products, fish waste, food contaminated boxes, disposable cups, trays, containers, paper towels, napkins, eggshells, nutshells ,waste generated while sweeping etc. General Waste will be collected daily and recyclables will be collected on alternate days,’ Saifaie continued.
‘Dubai Municipality will discontinue the services with regard to the large trolley waste bins and it won’t be visible on the road post May 15th, 2014 in these areas, instead, two bins will be provided to each household with the objective of separating the recyclable wet and dry waste. This process will allow the residents to keep their home and the surrounding area clean and be an active part of the city’s green vision,’ he added.

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