Dubai sets reserve price for 'N 70' number plate at Dh270,000

Dubai’s RTA will auction 120 distinctive number plates on December 29

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) will be auctioning 120 distinctive number plates on December 29 with reserve prices for two digit number plates set at Dh250,000 per plate.

Bidding for the exclusive number plate — N 70 — will start from Dh270,000, the costliest among the whole lot, with bid prices for L 16, J 26, L 31, K 36 and I 83 number plates set at Dh250,000.

Three digit plates (L 100, L 300, M 101 and many more) will be available from Dh35,000 onwards, while four digit plates (L 6969, M 9990, L 1002, L 1020, etc) have reserve prices starting Dh3,000 onwards. Bids for a five-digit plate (L 55555) starts from Dh110,000.

No single digit number plate is being auctioned.

RTA will hold auction No. 78 at the Dubai Police Officers Club (Al Garhoud) from 4 pm.

Willing bidders have to give a cheque for Dh10,000 (refundable insurance fees), in case the bidder has not been awarded a number plate in the auction.

The successful bidder has to pay the bid amount in cash or a manager’s cheque in 10 days, failing which the guarantee will be confiscated.

In May, plates with numbers J 14 and K 24 fetched Dh2.12 million and Dh1.4 million respectively, while plate number H 27 was sold for Dh1.34 million in April.

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