Dubai Storm: 4WD jumps in air, lands on pick-up


Several people have been killed and injuries on UAE roads after a thunderstorm that has lashed the UAE and other countries in the Arabian Peninsula over the past three days reduced visibility and wreaked havoc across the region.

An Emirati man died in a car crash in Dubai while at least 60 other accidents took place in the emirate, including one that saw a Toyota FJ four-wheel vehicle jumping in the air and settling on top of a pick up because of strong winds.

Another car rammed into a house in Qusais neighbourhood in Dubai, causing the collapse of a wall on a child while he was asleep, inflicting serious injuries on him.

The 20-year-old Emirati was killed after his speeding car crashed into another vehicle at Warqa junction while the other driver was injured, according to Dubai traffic police director Major General Mohammed Al Zafeen.

“Unfortunately, some drivers just did not care for the weather conditions and continued driving recklessly without any consideration for the safety of others,” he said.

He said another accident involved an Indian woman who was driving the FJ Toyota at a high speed on Ras Al Khor road near the vegetable market exit, adding that the four-wheel car slid on the road before jumping on top of a pick-up vehicle.

“It was a scene like in movies. The Toyota settled on top of the pick-up while the Indian woman suffered injuries. Actually, losses could have been bigger hadn’t the car jumped over.”

In Sharjah, police reported that two men were killed in a car crash at the weekend because of winds and reduced visibility.

“Driving in bad weather conditions require more concentration by the drivers, who should also reduce speed and avoid overtaking other vehicles,” said Lt Colonel Nasif Al Maskari, head of operations at Abu Dhabi police.

In Ras Al Khaimah, the fourth largest UAE emirate, strong winds led to many car accidents and caused the partial collapse of a house owned by an Emirati woman.

Another UAE family reported that their 30-year-old house has been flooded by rain water, prompting the public works department to send a truck to remove the water in an operation that lasted several hours.

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