Dubai turns quarantine into positive experience for families, children

Photo: Dubai Media Office

The Community Development Authority, CDA, in Dubai announced the launch of a new initiative that seeks to ease the quarantine experience for children during and after their recovery from COVID-19.

The programme seeks to mitigate the psychological impact of the quarantine on both, families and children and create memorable moments for them during this period.

Aligned with Dubai’s vision to engender a strong community spirit and create a closely bonded and empowered society, the initiative aims to transform the mandatory quarantine period into a positive experience for families and children.

The initiative includes several family services designed to reduce practical challenges and boost mental health while also providing the highest standards of medical care. The family services include home screening, family-friendly quarantine facilities and recreational activities.

Ahmad Abdul Karim Julfar, Director-General of the Community Development Authority in Dubai, said "The global pandemic has impacted people of all ages. However, children are the most vulnerable since they are unable to comprehend the reasons for their isolation. Changes in their lives can affect their mental health and cause them to develop anxieties. It is crucial to provide them with psychological care and keep them active and positive by involving them in fun activities."

"The initiative we launched helps defuse the anxiety and psychological stress children face, especially those who are infected with COVID-19. We believe psychological therapy is equally important during their treatment so that they can overcome any negative feelings," Julfar said.

"Our leadership places high importance on protecting children, ensuring they are raised in the best environment and finding solutions to challenges that hinder them from reaching their potential," he added.

As part of the home-screening services, medical personnel are sent to the homes of families to conduct testing, thereby reducing the need to visit clinics and healthcare facilities.

If a family test positive for the virus, arrangements are in place to ensure they have a comfortable stay during their isolation period and receive the best healthcare. For asymptomatic patients and those with mild symptoms, Dubai offers quarantine alternatives in hotels and buildings that provide a family-friendly atmosphere and services to ensure their comfort. These facilities help create a pleasant experience for families and enable children to access remote-learning during the 14-day quarantine period.

As part of CDA’s keenness to keep the children’s spirits high, the Authority organises activities to celebrate personal occasions and birthdays at the quarantine facilities and distributes toys and gifts to them.

Apart from providing the highest standard of medical services to patients with moderate to severe symptoms, hospitals also help affected families, especially mothers, stay close to their young children. Besides, they are also provided recreational opportunities to raise their spirits.