Dubai Water Canal: Jumeirah Bridge opens

Two lanes now open from Jumeirah 3 to Jumeirah 2. (Supplied)

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to complete the opening of the entire Jumeirah Bridge this July as part of Phase II of the Dubai Water Canal project.

The bridge comprises three lanes in each direction and rises 8.5 meters above the Canal, thus enabling free navigation around-the-clock.

RTA will open lanes of this bridge in phases.

Two lanes inbound from Jumeirah 3 (south) outbound to Jumeirah 2 (north) have been opened on Saturday, two lanes coming from Jumeirah 2 (north) heading towards Jumeirah 3 (South) will be opened on Friday (July 15th), and all lanes will be in full operation in both directions starting from July 21.

Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA, said: “Opening the Jumeirah Bridge, means that RTA has finally accomplished all works in bridges crossing the Dubai Water Canal.

“Works would now focus on digging a sector of the Canal underneath the bridges, building quay walls of the Canal, constructing three footbridges linking the two shores of the Canal at prime locations, and building 10 marine transport stations.

“Works also include landfilling for making a synthetic peninsula along the stretch of Jumeirah Park, which would double the beachside of the Jumeirah Park, increase the area of the Park, and make a room for adding a host of recreational activities.

“At the start of this month, RTA opened the southern bridge on the Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi as part of Phase I of the Dubai Water Canal Project.”

Works included the construction of an 800 metre-long bridge on the Sheikh Zayed Road comprising eight lanes in each direction, modifying the route of affected roads to ensure streamlined traffic movement between the two sides of the Canal, and shifting utility lines affected by the course of the Canal.

Last June, RTA opened Al Wasl Bridge consisting of three lanes in the direction of Dubai, and two lanes in the direction of Abu Dhabi, in addition to a 2-lane ramp to serve the traffic from Al Wasl Road to Al Aathar Road. The smooth traffic flow on the Bridge has led to a tremendous improvement of traffic on Al Wasl Road from Jumeirah 1 in the direction of Jumeirah 2 & 3, Al Hadiqa Road and the other way back, which has raised the intake of the Bridge to as much as 50,000 vehicles per day.

As part of the contract of Phase II of the project, RTA opened last March a flyover serving the traffic movement from Al Aathar Road in the direction of Al Hadiqa Road across Al Wasl Road.

"The bridge has facilitated the mobility of motorists coming from Jumeirah Road and Al Aathar Road heading in the direction of Al Hadiqa Road and Sheikh Zayed Road,” commented Al Tayer.

Work is progressing noticeably in Phase IV and V of the Dubai Water Canal Project. The contract of Phase IV, which is part of the infrastructure for serving urban developments on both sides of the Canal, includes infrastructural works for serving urban developments including roads and utilities.

The contract of Phase V includes completing quay walls of the Canal using precast concrete slabs all along the stretch of the Canal, and completing the diversion of utility lines and key services to give way for completing the construction works of the Canal as well as the removal of affected services.

“Works also include the treatment of hyper-saline water of the Business Bay Lakes, removing sand barriers from the course of the Canal, and constructing three marine transport stations on both sides of the Canal,” added Al Tayer.

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