Education and fun shows await visitors to World Falconry Day

To mark World Falconry Day, Emirates Park Zoo and Resort has unveiled an abundance of fun and educational activities to celebrate a hallmark of Emirati tradition and culture, the national bird, the falcon.

For the upcoming World Falconry Day on November 16th, the zoo’s dedicated team of bird trainers will conduct educational talks and lectures that aim to raise public awareness on the dangers that birds are currently facing and the benefits of conservation.

An educational entertainment programme prepared by the passionate team of trainers at Emirates Park Zoo will also be showcased during the day in celebration, and at the same time to educate students and visitors on wildlife conservation issues.

Falconry is the art of hunting for prey with trained raptors such as the hawk, eagle or falcon.

The sport is practiced in many countries and continues to be one of the UAE’s oldest traditions.

With the popularity of falconry comes the endangerment of the species. Illegal falconry trade occurs where wild birds are being captured and sold which can cause breeding problems among the population.

Today, 2 out of 40 species of falcons are endangered while many others are threatened.

Emirates Park Zoo’s Head Bird Trainer, Stephanie Green, commented, "These activities will hopefully create awareness of the current situation of birds and other animals in the wild, and how we as humans can help save them."

As part of the zoo’s expansion, a Bird of Prey section will be added as part of the zoo tour, and will feature different species of raptors from all over the world. Emirates Park Zoo and Resort participates in various conservation projects in order to protect endangered animals, including cheetahs and tigers.