Eerie SMS: My wife killed the maid, and I don't know what to do

Persistent efforts of Dubai Police’s Command and Control Centre paid off in cracking the mystery behind the murder of a housemaid, which otherwise seemed like a suicide.

A text message revealed that a murder was behind the death of a woman falling from the balcony of the third floor flat, according to a report in Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm.

Lt Col Khazraj Majid Al Khazraji, the Director General of the Command and Control Centre at Dubai Police, disclosed that the call recipients in the Centre dealt with the message in a very professionally manner.

He added it did not contain any information and despite its obscurity, the professionals at the centre did not ignore it.

Lt. Col Al-Khazraji confirmed that the incident took place when the Command and Control Centre received a message that said: “My wife has killed the maid, and I do not know what to do.”

He added that the SMS did not contain any other information, but one of the officers in the Centre decided to track its source.

He said the officer tracked the number from which the text message was sent, and it belonged to a woman who confirmed she forwarded the message to the centre after receiving an anonymous SMS from an unknown person.

Al-Khazraji said that the persistent officer decided to expand research and studied reports filed with Dubai Police that could be related to the content of the message.

He added that the officer discovered there was a tip-off that a housemaid fell from the balcony of the house of her employer two weeks before receiving the message.

Al-Khazraji said that homeowners confirmed in the investigation report that the housemaid committed suicide and no one was there when she did that and the police were still investigating the incident.

He pointed out that the officer was able to reach to the number of the person who sent the message, and that was via one of the apps which revealed the name of the owner of the phone number.

The officer discovered the name of the owner of the phone number matched with the name registered with the police in the accident of the suicide of the maid.

The officer communicated with the police station concerned, and found out that the team was still working on the case and had suspicions, but no proof.

The officer shared the new information with the police team that the wife may have pushed the house cleaner from the balcony.

He added that the husband could not inform the police but felt guilty of that, therefore he sent the message to one of his relatives.

Lt. Col Al-Khazraji emphasised that the centre receives 3 million tips-off annually, or up to 8,200 reports every day.

He added the message could be ignored under pressure, but the professionalism of the officers at the centre helped solve the case.