Eid moon may be sighted on Monday

Sighting committee formed…to meet on August 29

A government moon-sighting committee formed by justice minister Hadef Al Dahiri will meet in Abu Dhabi on Monday evening to decide whether Eid Al Fitr will begin on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The committee, comprising officials from the Islamic Affairs Authority and several other departments in all emirates, will wait for reports from local Shariah (Islamic) courts on whether the moon is sighted or not.

Eid Al Fitr ends the fasting month of Ramadan, which could be either 29 or 30 days. On Monday, Ramadan completes 29 days and scholars in Saudi Arabia expect Ramadan this year to be 29 days, which means Eid may start Tuesday.

Officials in Abu Dhabi said the moon could be sighted before 8.00 pm, adding that an announcement would be made around that time on Monday.

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