Eid weather alert: Hot winds may blow sand across UAE

Rough seas and low visibility forecast; mountains offer some respite from heat

The rain clouds have passed, along with the relatively pleasant weather that the UAE experienced earlier this week.

Those who were hoping for the strange weather pattern to continue into the Eid Al Fitr holidays may be disappointed, with the UAE’s National Center of Meteorology and Seismology forecasting dusty days and rough seas ahead.

With the public sector, along with several private sector offices, delivering a four-day weekend to celebrate the end of Ramadan, the NCMS warns holiday commuters travelling across parts of the UAE to remain cautious, especially over Friday and Saturday, when a possible dust storm could reduce visibility considerably.

The NCMS spokesperson said: “The weather will be hot over interior regions and relatively hot over the coast and islands, along with being dusty during the days.

“On Wednesday, it will remain partly cloudy over some areas. The amount of clouds will increase over the eastern areas with a chance of some towering clouds.

“Moderate winds in general, freshening at times, may cause dust to blow over the internal areas and lead to poor horizontal visibility.”

The weather pattern will mimic a similar pattern for Thursday, with the final two days of the Eid break eliciting a warning from the NCMS to proceed with caution.

“On Friday and Saturday, clouds will increase over different areas, especially the eastern and southern areas. Moderate to fresh winds will cause dust storms over internal areas, especially over the interiors with poor horizontal visibility and rough seas.

“The NCMS is requesting drivers to pay attention and to take precaution on the roads due to the poor visibility; also sailors and fishermen will need to avoid the rough seas.”

The average temperatures inland are expected to peak at 47 degrees Celsius, with coastal areas hitting the mid-40s.

However, it’s not all gloom for UAE residents that have failed to hop onto a plane during the long weekend.

If you are looking to set up camp in the northern Emirates, specifically the Ras Al Khaimah mountain range, you are in for some luck with the temperatures dropping as low as 25 degrees Celsius at night.


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