Elderly driver forces two boys into sodomy

A 60-year old Pakistani driver has allegedly raped two teenagers and forced them into Sodomy for four years under threat. (SUPPLIED)

A 60-year old Pakistani driver has allegedly raped two teenagers and forced them into Sodomy for four years under threat, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

According to the accusation sheet, on January 2 and earlier to this date, SMS, 60, driver lured compatriot teenagers AFM and IMR, both students to his work place and to a villa in Murdif and threatened and beat them, took their clothes off and raped them. He is accused of forcible sodomy.

AFM testified before the prosecution that four months before January he met the accused at Al Mamzar Park who was with his friend IMR and the later asked him to accompany them. As he refused he pulled his hand and told him that the park is not a convenient place to roam around and there is another better place.

The accused took the two boys to his office in a building near etisalat building and told them that he had games in his office. In the office he took off AFM’s clothes, slapped him and threatened him with a knife as he was resisting.
SMS threatened to kill AFM if he told anyone about what happened and asked him to put on his clothes. All that happened in the presence of the other boy IMR.

SMS dropped AFM at his house and asked him to be at the bus stop near the house every Friday to have sex with him.

Scared of the threat, AFM used to wait for SMS every Friday and some days IMR used to come and SMS had sex with both the boys, AFM testified.

AFM told the prosecution that once SMS had sex with him in a Chevrolet car and other times in a villa which he said belongs to his work manager. And SMS has taken pictures while he was naked.

“He had sex with me more than 15 times and the last was on January 1, and every time he attempted to give me money but I refused to takeit. I did not tell my parents as I was scared of his killing threats,” testified AFM.

The second victim IMR told the prosecution that he stays in Hor Al Anz area with his family since was born. He met the accused when he was a little boy playing in the area. The accused used to talk to him gently and one day he asked him to ride with him has black Land Cruiser since about three years and a half and was at that time 12 years old.

“He offered me a ride in his car and started talking about sodomy and people who do that and at the end of his talks he offered to have sex with me but I refused.He burst into anger and threatened with beating me and as I got scared of him I obeyed. He took me to a house in Murdif area and had sex with me while I was feeling terrible pain and crying. He apologised for the pain he caused me and gave me money,” testified IMR.

“He dropped me back home and threatened with beating me if I informed anyone… and kept on coming to the area and picking me up to have sex from time to time until last year when he me AFM and started having sex with him primarily and sometimes with me,” testified the boy.
Rama Chandran, Indian, guard at Al Khor Tower since three years, said he knows the accused who works a driver in a company in the same tower. He testified that he saw the accused coming to the office during unofficial timing with two boys. When asked about the boys, the driver said that they are has friends’ sons.

The father of AFM knows about his son being forced into sex with an elderly man and logded a complaint with Al Muraqqabat Police Station.

The forensic report on the two boys proved that they have been repeatedly subject to sodomy.

The forensic report on the accused proved that the scars which AFM saw on his rapist’s chest belly and sexual organ were actually there.

The accused confessed to having a friendly relation with the two boys. However he has denied having sodomy under threat accusation.

The court adjourned the case until next month for appointing a defence lawyer.