Emaar bans 'party-renting' of Dubai villas after wild teen rave

Dubai real estate developer Emaar Properties has banned residents and owners from renting out villas in the Emirates Living area after such cases were reported.

In some instances, villas were let out for a day or night to party revellers in the Emirates Living area, causing much discomfort to residents.

Recently, a group of teenagers hired a villa in Springs 11 for a night of fun, which had residents object to what was happening in the area. [Read: Teen rave 'rocks' Springs residents in Dubai]. This was reported by this website last month, leading to official action.

Emaar has now issued a circular to all owners of villas in Dubai’s Emirates Living area, warning them against letting out their properties for party use.

“Over the past few weeks, it has been noted that some homeowners and/or their property managers have been letting out their property on short-term basis (whether by day or by night) for recreational or other similar prohibited purposes. Please be made aware, that such activities and transactions are prohibited in the community and endanger the community in addition to creating a noise and nuisance,” the circular reads.

The developer has made it clear that no short-term leasing will be allowed in the communities. “Short term lets /holiday lets are not allowed as per the community rules and the sales and purchase agreement (SPA) signed by the owner. It is also prohibited in solely residential properties by law,” said the circular.

Defining short-term lease, it further added: “A short-term let is defined as a lease that is less than six consecutive months. Short-term letting hinders the community’s security arrangements and puts a burden on the infrastructure and resources of the community, which has been designed to be used as a residential area.”

Residents have welcomed this news. “I hope this menace will stop and The Springs will remain the peaceful locality that it is,” said a resident of Springs 11, who was a helpless spectator to the teen party that happened last month.

Offenders will be penalised in case of violation of the law, Emaar reiterated. “The unauthorised lets are in violation of contractual agreements signed by the unit owner and are also a breach of the community rules. As such, owners will be issued with a Notice of Violation (NOV) which will attract applicable penalties and legal action may be taken against all unauthorised lets and reported to the local authorities for further action,” the circular warned.

The developer also called upon residents to report such matters urgently. “If you know of any properties in your community that are being used for the purpose of short-term lets or bachelor accommodation; we kindly request that you to send us the unit details via e-mail, where appropriate action will be taken or call community security. Your identity will be kept strictly confidential. Additionally, if you notice something out of the ordinary, we encourage you to use the Al Ameen,” advises the circular.


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