Emirates updated list of cancelled flights


Emirates airline cancelled some flights out of Dubai due to an accident at the Dubai Airport.

The following flights out of Dubai on the 3rd of August are cancelled:

EK572/573: Dubai-Kolkata-Dubai DXB/CCU/DXB

EK2809/2810: Dubai-Medina-Dubai DXB/MED/DXB

EK843/844: Dubai-Doha-Dubai DXB/DOH/DXB

EK083/084: Dubai-Geneva-Dubai DXB/GVA/DXB

EK979/980: Dubai-Tehran-Dubai DXB-IKA/DXB

EK864/865: Dubai-Muscat-Dubai DXB/MCT/DXB

EK849/850: Dubai-Doha-Dubai DXB/DOH/DXB

EK630/631: Dubai-Multan-Dubai DXB/MUX/DXB

EK881/882: Dubai-Doha-Dubai DXB/DOH/DXB

EK839/840: Dubai-Bahrain-Dubai DXB/BAH/DXB

EK825/826: Dubai-Dammam-Dubai DXB/DMM/DXB

EK947/948: Dubai-Basra-Dubai DXB/BSR/DXB

EK977/978: Dubai-Tehran-Dubai DXB/IKA/DXB

EK602/603: Dubai-Karachi-Dubai DXB/KHI/DXB

EK875/876: Dubai-Kuwait-Dubai DXB/KWI/DXB

EK903/904: Dubai-Amman-Dubai DXB/AMM/DXB

EK817/818: Dubai-Riyadh-Dubai DXB/RUH/DXB

EK857/858: Dubai-Kuwait-Dubai DXB/KWI/DXB

EK508/509: Dubai-Mumbai-Dubai DXB/BOM/DXB

EK833/834: Dubai-Bahrain-Dubai DXB/BAH/DXB

EK386/387: Dubai-Hong Kong-Dubai DXB/HKG/DXB

EK514/515: Dubai-Delhi-Dubai DXB-DEL-DXB

The following flights out of outstations have also been cancelled:

EK958: Beirut-Dubai BEY/DXB

EK517: Delhi-Dubai DEL/DXB

EK928: Cairo-Dubai CAI/DXB

EK852: Doha-Dubai DOH/DXB

EK607: Karachi-Dubai KHI/DXB

EK872: Kuwait-Dubai KWI/DXB

The following flights were returned to their departure airport:

EK54: Munich-Dubai MUC-DXB

EK100: Rome-Dubai FCO-DXB

EK377: Bangkok-Dubai BKK-DXB

EK768: Johannesburg JNB-DXB

The following flights have been diverted:

To Dubai World Central (DWC)

EK531 from Kochi

EK527 from Hyderabad

EK659 from Male

EK565 from Bengaluru

EK375 from Bangkok

EK425 from Perth

EK902 from Amman

EK806 from Jeddah

EK856 from Kuwait

EK706 from Seychelles

EK208 from New York (JFK)

EK415 from Sydney

EK641 from Kabul

To Sharjah International Airport (SHJ)

EK433 from Brisbane

EK353 from Singapore

EK601 from Karachi

EK511 from New Delhi

To Al Ain International Airport(AAN)

EK583 from Dhaka

EK345 from Kuala Lumpur

To Fujairah International Airport (FJR)

EK651 from Colombo

To Bahrain International Airport (BAH) for a night stop

EK942 from Baghdad

To Muscat International Airport (MCT) for a night stop

EK968 from Mashhad

For re-bookings, commercial queries and further schedule updates, visit www.emirates.com or contact the local Emirates sales offices. Numbers can be found here: https://www.emirates.com/english/help/contact-emirates/