Emirati dies 3 days after pregnant wife was killed

Tragedy struck an Emirati family in the eastern oasis town of Al Ain when the 39-year-old father died just three days after his pregnant wife was killed in a road crash, leaving behind three children.

Bilal Salim Al Yehyani sat with his younger brother at the end of the three-day mourning at dawn but he suddenly stopped breathing and never moved again.

His wife, who was in her fourth month pregnancy, was killed when she was hit by a car on her way back home after shopping.

“I exercised utmost care when I told my brother about his wife’s death…he accepted this bitter reality and we buried her,” his brother Obaid said, quoted by the Sharjah-based Arabic language daily Alkhaleej.

“On the third day of the mourning for his wife, we sat in the mourning tent talking…it was around 3am and I asked him to come and sleep in my house but he said he was fine…just after I went home, I received a phone call from our younger brother saying Bilal, who was sitting with him, is not moving…I rushed back to the tent and we took him to the hospital but he was already dead.”

Bilal, who suffered from sight problems after meeting with a road accident in 1995, left behind three children aged between 8 and 14 years.

In its report, Alkhaleej said :”it was a big tragedy….such circumstances turned three children into orphans in less than a week.”

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