Emirati walker to Makkah welcomed in Riyadh

Jalal bin Thaneya, the Emirati who set out to walk 2000 km from Ruwais to Makkah to raise funds for people with special needs, was given a warm welcome by the UAE’s Ambassador in Riyadh Mohammed Saeed Al Dhahiri and the members of the diplomatic mission.

The ambassador praised Bin Thaneya for his courage and commended his humanitarian mission. He also assured the trekker all help to make his mission a success.

The 25-year-old Emirati from Dubai has set out on such ventures before, including crossing the 'Empty Quarter' on foot in two weeks. Motivated by his wish to help people with special needs, the Middlesex University graduate also climbed 90,000 steps to the top of Emirates Tower in 12 days. 


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