Emirati youth key pillars in poll process

Dr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs, and Chairman of the National Election Committee (NEC), has underlined the role of UAE national youth as an integral part of the national electoral process.

He called for their active participation in the Federal National Council (FNC) elections, urging them to choose their representatives honestly by exercising their electoral rights.

Dr. Gargash explained that Emirati youth constitute the largest representation in the Electoral Colleges with 67 per cent of the members being below the age of 40 years.

"This reflects the confidence of the UAE leadership in Emirati youth, who constitute the most vital resource in driving the all-round welfare of the nation by achieving the highest levels of development globally," he said.

Dr. Gargash was addressing a lecture organised by the NEC for the employees of the national service programme today (August 10) in Abu Dhabi to educate them about the FNC elections 2015.

Describing Emirati youth as the pillar of UAE’s development, Dr. Gargash said, "They are the future of the nation and their participation in the elections underlines the commitment of the UAE’s wise leadership to promote broad political participation."

He added, "Our youth play an important role in the electoral process by exercising their rights to choose the members of the Federal National Council.

“”They must exercise their voting rights with discretion and honestly to choose FNC members who can contribute actively to the law-making process to achieve the goals and future demands of our nation."

He described the members of the National Service Programme as role models for the youth for their commitment to serving the country, reflecting the confidence of the nation’s leadership in the young people to promote the welfare of all residents in the UAE.

Dr. Gargash highlighted the significant role of the FNC in fostering the renaissance of the UAE. "The efforts of the FNC members, since its first session, have been aimed at promoting the nation’s welfare by identifying appropriate solutions to address the people’s needs. The efforts of the members led to the approval of the National Service Law, a milestone law for the nation."

He stressed that the FNC supports all the issues concerning the homeland and its security and stability. "The Council firmly believes and works towards addressing the requirements of citizens in all areas as well as in defending the country’s sovereignty and ensuring that the national honour, pride and dignity is held high."

Dr. Gargash said that the upcoming FNC elections is the practical embodiment of the qualitative development of the nation’s electoral process in promoting a culture of political participation as part of the gradual path of political development adopted by UAE.

NEC has announced the procedures for registration of candidates for the Federal National Council Elections 2015. The registration of candidates who intend to run for elections will start on Sunday, 16th August and will be held over five days until 20th August at the registration centres set up by the NEC across the UAE. 


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