Emiratis told not to carry satellite phones when travelling to India

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on UAE nationals travelling to India to not enter the country carrying any satellite communication devices, such as Thuraya and Iridium.

Ambassador Eisa Abdullah Masoud Al Kalbani, Director of the Department of Nationals’ Affairs at the UAE Foreign Affairs Ministry, stated today that the Indian Government has banned the use of satellite communication devices on Indian soil, and subjects individuals in possession of said devices to legal accountability. This applies to both holder of the device and recipient if, for example, devices are sent through the postal or similar service.

The regulation comes under Section 6 of the Indian Wireless Act and Section 20 of the Indian Telegraph Act.

Indian authorities have stated that the ban also applies to Indian waters even if landfall is not made.

The ambassador added that the warning from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stems from its duty to provide all necessary advice and warnings to protect UAE nationals from violations, accidental or otherwise, or of being subjected to security accountability or any troubles or hindrances they might encounter abroad.