Employer accused of raping maid 14 times

An Emirati policeman allegedly raped an Indonesian housemaid and threatened to kill her if she reported the matter to anyone, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

According to the accusation sheet, HSK, 37, corporal at Dubai Police, had forcibly sex with NFS, 25, who works in his family house.

NFS testified that since last Ramadan and until last October 28, her employer HSK had sex with her, forcibly, 14 times.

“He came to my room and asked me to come out with him. As I refused, he beat me up, punched me in the face and forcibly took off my dress… and raped me. He repeated that 14 times. He used to take advantage when his wife went out to drop children to the school. He threatened to kill me if I complained to the police. HSK came to my room as his wife had gone outside.  resisted and ran to his 12-year-old daughter’s room and took her mobile and called his wife asking her to come home. At the same time I called the police. When his wife arrived home I told her about her husband, but he did not confess to her when she confronted him. Instead he beat me up and punched me in my face,” she alleged.

His Uzbek wife, IN, 31, testified before the prosecution that as she was outside the house with her two sons to buy them Eid dress when she got a call from the victim telling her that the husband sexually assaulted her.

“I rushed home and confronted him with that. But he denied. I asked both to swear. The maid accepted but he refused to swear. He started screaming at the maid and asked her not to spoil his relations with me. He angrily caught her from her neck so I intervened and pulled him away from her and I asked her to go to her room and then the police arrived. I several times saw my husband harassing the maid. One day, I saw him groping her while she was in one of the rooms. I saw him from the window,” the wife testified before the court.

“I rushed out and confronted him, but he laughed and went out. The maid had complained to me earlier that one night he knocked at her room’s window at dawn and I actually saw him there on the same night,” she testified.

The accused’s nephew AO, 17, testified that the victim had taken from him the police number 999 one day when she dropped his cousins to their home.

“She looked very tired and frustrated. She asked me for the police number so I gave her,” he testified.

Policeman Hassan Habib testified that following the complaint he moved with his colleague to the accused’s house. “As we knocked at the door… the accused told us that there was a problem and now it’s over. As we heard a voice of a woman screaming, he claimed that it is his wife who is shouting at children. I asked him to bring her to talk to him. As he opened the door, the maid rushed out from her room and held my colleague’s hand telling that her sponsor assaulted physically and sexually. I saw redness and traces of fingers around her neck.”

Sahar Al Sayed, forensic doctor at Dubai Police, testified that she has checked the victim on last October 29. The victim was not virgin, she testified.

The court adjourned the case till June 7.

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