Expo 2020 dream: Emirati's 4x4 is 'Art that depicts story of Dubai'

Ahmad Al Shabibi wears his love for the UAE on his car

Spot this car and make a wish and add to Dubai’s chances of winning the bid for Expo 2020,” that’s the message Ali Ahmad Al Shabibi is passing on as he drives along his Chevrolet across Dubai.

The 48-year old Emirati who works as a Public Relations Manager has decorated his car with a theme that he terms is an ‘Art that depicts the story of Dubai’.

The vehicle is covered with a 2020 theme with ‘Good Luck’ stickers and built on top of the vehicle are models of a tent, a dhow and a model of an Emirates aircraft.

“These represent our culture, our past and our future,” says Shabibi, “I designed it on my own and it took me two months to get it ready,” he says.

“Wherever I go, people stop by and take pictures. I just want all those good wishes to go on to enable us to win the bid.”

With just a week more to go for the voting to choose the destination for the Expo, Shabibi hopes his efforts can add to Dubai’s luck in winning the project.

“I am doing this for my country. Every year I decorate my vehicle for the National Day. This year I did it in advance to promote our bid for the Expo.

“If Dubai wins I will continue to retain the decoration and slightly alter it to coincide with the National Day,” he adds.

When asked if he is totally satisfied with the design he says the only missing element is the number. “I would have loved it if I also had my number plate reading 2020.”

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