Facebook friend forces her into prostitution

A Filipina allegedly made friendship with a woman in her own country through Facebook and brought her to the UAE and then forced her into prostitution.

The Filipina maid and a Pakistani driver have been charged for human trafficking and forcing the woman into prostitution, the Dubai Criminal Court was told on Thursday.

JFT conned the victim, SDB, mother, by promising her a saleswoman job in Dubai. She got a visit visa issued for her but when the victim arrived here, she was confined and forced into prostitution.

JFT is also accused of running a brothel in Al Satwa area. The Driver SRI, 31, Pakistani is accused of raping the victim.

SDB, 31, testified that she knew JFT via Facebook and then she offered her a job in Dubai and issued her a visa. On September 7, she arrived in the UAE and was received by JFT who was accompanied by a friend. They drove her to a house where she seized her passport and asked her to pay Dh20,000 for bringing her to Dubai.

“I told her that I cannot pay this amount, so she said that I should work in prostitution. As I refused she threatened with depriving me from travelling back home and seeing my children and parents and confined me in the house. She forced me into prostitution and she was collecting money from customers. There was another woman staying in the house who also worked as a prostitute. SRI had forcible sex with me twice.”

SDB managed to escape when JFT was asleep and went to her country’s consulate where she reported about the accused.

Police raided the flat and arrested the two; the victim recognised them during the identification parade. The court adjourned the case till May 14.

Image from Shutterstock.com