Fake dollars used by sorcerers caught

The female passenger who possessed the fake dollars in custody. (Inside) The luggage that contained the duplicated banknotes. (SUPPLIED)

Dubai Customs inspectors at Dubai International Airport foiled a bid to smuggle 56,000 dollars (Dh206,000) fake US dollar notes to the UAE.

The notes were meant to be used in witchcraft and money multiplication crimes. The fake notes were possessed by a female passenger coming from an Asian country to the UAE.

Ali Al Mugahwi, Director of Airport Operations at Dubai Customs, said that a customs inspector working at Terminal 1 suspected a female passenger while she was on her way to the customs inspection area as she looked shaken and reluctant and behaved strangely.

He added:  At first, when her luggage was examined through the electronic checkup machine, nothing suspicious was detected. However, when a female Dubai Customs inspector manually and meticulously searched the luggage, she found black carbon papers bearing the picture of 100 banknote of American dollars in an almost invisible way. The papers which were wrapped and spread in different parts of the luggage and in between the suspect’s clothes were a total of 565 papers. These papers are believed to be used in witchcraft and money multiplication crimes.”

During interrogation, she said she was going to buy a chemical substance used to forge money and apply them to these papers to make them look as if they were original. The passenger along with the seized items were transferred to Airport Security at Terminal 1 to take the necessary legal actions against her.

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