Fight over mobile pics: Dubai Police arrest 1 for death of Indian at hotel

There was an altercation between the two parties for taking pictures (Supplied)

An Indian businessman, running a property brokerage firm, died on Monday night in a hospital after being attacked by an Arab national at a five-star hotel in Dubai, according to sources close to the victim.

Mahendran Yadav, Managing Director, Emirates Homes Real Estate Brokers, was attacked at the hotel restaurant after a verbal dispute took place between him and the Arab national who asked him not to take pictures on his mobile.

Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Deputy Commanding General of Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation, said that the police have arrested the man for attacking Yadav and causing his unintentional death.

He said the Arab national was sitting in the same restaurant with his fiancée as the deceased and his friends.

"And while the deceased was taking pictures of his friends the accused did not want to be filmed. He asked the hotel workers to stop Yadav from taking pictures. 

"Soon there was an altercation between the two parties. The Arab national hit the Asian who fell and hit his head on the ground," the official said.

A close friend of the deceased told Emirates 24|7, "Yadav was taking pictures of his family friends who were visiting him from India, when the Arab asked him to stop, Yadav questioned him 'what his problem was.' The Arab national got angry and punched him in his face."

"An ambulance was called and he was rushed to Rashid Hospital. He was placed on life support on Sunday night and died on Monday."

"The body of Yadav is expected to be handed over after autopsy by tomorrow. His funeral will take place in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu," the victim's friend told this website.

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