First day for schools free of accidents: Sharjah Police

Traffic and Patrols Department of Sharjah Police confirmed that there were no traffic accidents in conjunction with the return of students to schools, on Sunday, pointing out that the roads of the Emirate have witnessed a smooth flow of traffic, according to Sharjah 24 news service.

Lt. Col. Jassim bin Hedda, Director of Central Operations Department, said that the Central Operations Room received 480 telephone calls during morning period through emergency number 999, while 106 received non-emergency calls on 901, which contained general inquiries.

The Sharjah Police praised the positive response of drivers and school bus drivers with instructions to abide by the speed limits, reduce speed near schools, sit students under the age of 10 in the rear seats of the vehicle, and wear the seat belt to ensure safety.

Sharjah police called on parents to pay attention to their children during transportation to and from schools, stressing the importance of taking appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of children in the vehicle.