Five Emiratis killed in tragic Abu Dhabi accident

One of the vehicles involved in the accident caught fire (SUPPLIED

Five UAE citizens were killed on Saturday in a horrific traffic accident in Al Razeen area in Abu Dhabi, in which one of the vehicles caught fire.

The operations room received information at 10am about an accident between two 4-wheel drive vehicles, which were involved in a head-on collision. Police team and civil defence forces rushed to the site and brought the fire under control, while traffic patrols secured traffic flow.

Colonel Hamad Nasser Al Bloushi, Head of Peripheral Regions Traffic Department at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, expressed his grief. He stressed the importance of adhering to traffic laws and regulations, paying attention on the road while driving and refraining from over-speeding to preserve the safety of other motorists and road users. He also stressed the necessity of leaving sufficient safety distance between vehicles, to avoid such tragic accidents in case of emergencies.

“The majority of serious accidents, which lead to deaths and injuries, are mostly caused by over-speeding.” He added, “Over-speeding and reckless driving put the driver and other road users in danger and cause major losses in lives and properties, and a state of confusion while driving or after the accident.”

Investigations are still ongoing to understand details of how the accident occurred.

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