Flying radar can track speedsters from air


A speed radar installed in a drone that flies over Dubai's roads is one of the options Dubai Police is considering to tighten the grip on speedsters in the emirate.

The drone has already been built, and is capable of carrying a speed radar if such measures are to be implemented, explains Maher bin Haidar, of the General Department of Protective Security and Emergency at Dubai Police.

Showing the latest and, according to him, the most advanced drones that the authority has in hand at the ongoing Gitex Technology week, he says, "This drone can capture images from a kilometre distance with its capacity to zoom in 60 times,” he explained.

“It can fly for two hours, and can be controlled at a distance of 2km with a remote control."

Dubai Police is currently studying the option of installing a radar in the drone, which will enable it to function as an air-based speed camera.

“It is possible, but the drone would have to stay in one place in order to function as a speed radar,” added Maher.

“This could be used to capture illegal road racers, or aggressive drivers.”

At the moment, the drone is intended for other purposes, such as marine inspections, he elaborated.

“It can inspect boats that are suspected to contain illegal substances, or illegal visitors to the country.

“When the same job is done with a helicopter, the costs are much higher. The drone is relatively cheap to operate in such cases.”

The drone can also be added with weight, so it can lift a sinking ship out of the sea, or monitor traffic, accidents and carry out other operations.

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