Four new schools in Dubai to meet demand

Scrambling for admissions for children is a daunting task for most Dubai parents.

Some are even forced to keep children at home because they are unable to secure an admission in time.

That is, however, about to change with the addition of four new private schools in Dubai.

The education regulatory authority the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has announced four new private schools for the academic year 2012-13.

It also highlighted the expansion of an existing Dubai school.

The move is expected to benefit nearly 5,500 students.

“For the third year running, capacity in schools has increased by an average of 4,500 places per year, which has given parents greater flexibility in choosing a school for their children,” elaborated Mohammed Darwish, Chief of KHDA’s Regulations and Compliance Commission.

“Our private education sector is robust and growing, and there is great demand for more schools to open. 

“KHDA always welcomes applications from high quality school operators - those who share KHDA’s passion for world class education and add value to the educational landscape.”

Two of the new schools – Ambassador Kindergarten and The Indian Academy – opened in April 2012 in line with the Indian academic year, while the other two – one near the Green Community and the other in Al Qusais – will open this September.

The Al Ghusais school offers seats for 200 high-schoolers, while the Green Community school will cater to 2,000 students from K-12.

A school in Jumeirah, which is based on the UK curriculum, will also add 500 seats to its existing capacity.

KHDA claimed that it is their priority to encourage investment in the private education sector.

Apart from formulating an academic plan guide for potential operators, KHDA also explains the key criteria requirements for new education permits and provides information on the evaluation and the decision-making process.

The four new schools opening this academic year will add to the 24 schools and 39,000 student places that have been created since KHDA was established in 2007.

There are more than 207,000 students currently enrolled in Dubai’s private schools.

The decision has been welcomed by most parents. “It is a nightmare to get admission in a reputed school in Dubai.

"Hopefully, the new schools would make the exercise a little more tolerable,” stressed Rishi Kapoor, father of a 13-year-old.

“We missed a year of schooling for a child because we couldn’t find him a place in a school of our choice, hopefully such incidents won’t happen to other parents,” added another parent, Latika.


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