Free parking in Dubai on Thursday, Friday


All paid parking areas in Dubai will be available free of charge starting from Thursday, February 17(14th Rabi Al Awaal 1432H) on the occasion of the Prophet Mohammed's birthday (Peace be upon Him) anniversary celebration.

Parking charges will resume from Saturday, February 19 (16th Rabi Al Awaal), the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced.
However, parking areas in Deira Fish Market will continue as a 'paid parking' area to ensure customers get adequate space during the holidays.
Maitha Bin Adai, CEO of the RTA, said: “This step comes in the context of RTA attention to ensure smooth mobility of inhabitants and visitors of Dubai during holidays and religious events."
Parking use will revert to the normal fee timing from 8am to 1pm, and from 4pm to 9pm after the end of the holiday and resumption of the official working hours.
RTA called on parking space users in Dubai emirate to properly use the parking lots which are part of the infrastructure provided for the comfort of the public, including citizens, residents, visitors and tourists.
RTA also called on motorists to avoid parking on road pavements, or behind parked vehicles as both practises will be subject to fines as provided for in the law against offenders.
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