Fresh summer showers in parts of UAE

Dubai and Sharjah to remain hot and humid

Liwa gets its first shower this summer. Expect more cloudy weather and light showers in the south eastern parts of the country.

According to the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), the weather across the country will continue to remain hot and humid with highest temperatures reaching 42°C in most of the coastal areas, especially in Dubai and Sharjah.

“There was light to moderate rainfall across Liwa, located off Abu Dhabi on Wednesday afternoon. The highest recorded temperature in the area on Wednesday was about 44°C. By afternoon there was cloud formation followed by rainfall,” said an NCMS forecaster.

According to the weatherman, more showers are expected in southern and eastern parts of the country on Thursday and Friday.

“Do not expect the heat to subside. Interior areas will continue to experience temperatures as high as 46°C, while the weather in the coastal and mountain areas will be moderate. However, humidity levels will be high during night and early morning resulting in mist and foggy weather in coastal areas,” he added.

Meanwhile the temperature across Dubai and Sharjah has dipped slightly in the last 24 hours. “From a peak of 45°C it has dropped to about 42°C on Thursday. The weather will remain the same during the weekend,” he added.


Three days of rain in UAE to drive the heat away

Residents in the north and east will be relieved with rain likely today, and over the coming two days, the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has forecast.

NCMS today that there would be showers in the country, with Al Ain and Fujairah in particular seeing heavy cloud cover.

“It is going to be partly cloudy over some areas, with a probability of some shower by afternoon over some of those areas,” an NCMS forecaster told Emirates 24l7.

Despite the showers, the weatherman forecast strong humidity in the coastal area reaching up to 99 per cent over the coming days.

“It’s going to be humid all the way for UAE residents over the next few days. Coastal areas across the country will witness humidity levels of up to 99 per cent during the next few days,” NCMS said.

“The relative humidity is likely to increase over the coastal and the internal areas by night and early morning.” The maximum humidity level in most coastal areas is expected to range between 70 to 99 per cent mainly at night and early morning.

NCMS has also issued fog warnings for motorists. “The mist/fog is especially going to be intense over the western areas,” the forecast added.

The weather in general is expected to remain hot during the day with maximum temperature in the coastal areas expected to range between 36 to 42 degrees centigrade.



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