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21 February 2024

Gadget will slow down your car to speed limit

The new device will communicate with Salik-type gates in various areas where speed control is needed. (AGENCIES)

By VM Sathish

A digital Rash Driving Prevention System (RBPS) is being developed to control rash driving on UAE roads by externally controlling vehicle speed with the help of automatic speed governors fitted on the electronic control unit of the vehicles, especially commercial vehicles. 

The system will involve fitting vehicles and taxis with digital speed governor units that will communicate with the intelligent transmitters located in specific locations and reduce the vehicles speed to a preprogrammed level.

The initial plan is to introduce speed governors on commercial vehicles (14-seater and above) and taxis. It will gradually be made mandatory for all vehicles.

The project, claimed to be the first-of-its-kind in the world, is being designed and developed by Craysol Technologies, in collaboration with an American company, Dewcom Instruments USA. Craysol, an Indian firm, developed the world’s first Intelligent Fuel Management System (IFMS), which is currently used in the speed governors installed in thousands of heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles in India.

Speaking to 'Emirates 24|7', Noby EA , Managing Director, Craysol Technologies, said the digital speed controllers will be installed in the electronic control units of various vehicles and the system will communicate with Salik-type gates installed in various areas - near schools or residential areas, construction areas or even at traffic signals where speed control is needed.

The plug and play system can be programmed to control vehicle speed with the help of a control unit, transmitters and Total Position Sensor. “If the vehicle speed is programmed using RDPS, when the vehicle passes through restricted areas such as  schools or residential pockets, construction work areas or even traffic signals,  its speed can be externally controlled and brought down to the specified speed limit with the help of transmitters,” he said, adding that the Cochin-based Craysol Technologies is designing and manufacturing the RDPS and related accessories for the Road Transport Authority (RTA).

He said the company has been working with the RTA and other relevant government departments to design the system and claim that it has filed for patent right for the digital RDPS, which will be first of its kind in the world. “We are designing the system in consultation with the RTA and other government departments in Dubai.

The system will consist of two units, a control unit mounted in the vehicles ECU and transmitters installed in various accident prone locations, school, hospital or residential areas where vehicle speed will be automatically controlled.

“The RDPS will be a  digital system of speed management based on location of the vehicle.  It will be a one-time-fit-and-forget system for motorists and unless and until they tamper with the system, the vehicle speed will be automatically regulated as programmed by the unit.”  The same way Salik gates work, speed governors will be activated by similar communicators.

He elaborated that once the RDPS is installed, speed of a vehicle moving at 120km per hour will automatically come down, when it reaches a restricted or speed limit area. Even if the driver does not reduce speed, the intelligent digital speed governor will automatically reduce the vehicle speed by regulating the fuel flow to the engine. He said that the RDPS will ensure more road safety and avoid fuel use.

“Now many motorists waste fuel by carelessly pressing the accelerator pedal but with the new system in place, this will be avoided. Minimum 20 per cent fuel efficiency for vehicles is guaranteed,” Nobi added.

A speed governor is an electronic device linked to the gearbox where sensors capture the movement of the vehicle. If the vehicle exceeds the specified speed limit, the device automatically slows the vehicle. The digital speed governors will also regulate vehicle speed to preprogrammed levels with the help of a digital device installed on the vehicles ECU and Transmitter Gates.

Speed governors are expected to reduce the number of road accidents and help insurance companies also.
The company said they are discussing the plan with various vehicle manufacturers and the digital device can be fixed to the ECUs. RTA officials did not comment on the Rash Driving Prevent System plan and did not respond to written queries about the project.


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