Get husband or love for Dh5,000... scam

Couple held in Al Ain for practicing sorcery and deception

An Arab couple in the eastern oasis town of Al Ain managed to hunt many female victims with promises of bringing them husbands or love just for Dh5,000 before they themselves were hunted by a police woman posing as love-seeker. 

Police said the man and his accomplice at a female saloon, both staying illegally in the UAE, used talismans, rose water and saffron to mislead their victims into believing they can get them husbands, make them loved or tackle their marital rifts. 

The woman used her job at the saloon to hunt for customers for her partner, who turned his house into a witchcraft base to deceive women suffering from persistent marital disputes or those who seek a good and loving husband. 

“He charged his victims Dh5,000 for one session…he was involved in sorcery and deception against women while his partner of the same nationality was getting him customers, using her job at the saloon,”

Al Ain police chief Brigadier Hamad Ajlan said, quoted by the Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum. 

“We then supplied one of our female detectives with Dh5,000 and sent her to that woman in the saloon…finally, she was taken to the man at his house…once he began his devious practice, our men were on him.”


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