Give us 2km of race track: Speedsters

Dubai police booked 2,300 vehicles during the first quarter of this year for recklessness on public roads. (Emarat Al Youm)

Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, Commander- in-Chief of Dubai Police for Operations held his first meeting with young citizens who are amateur racers and owners of workshops and garages involved in getting cars to race.

The amateur speedsters requested for two kilometres of a remote, uninhabited area of space where they can practice their hobby, under police surveillance and that of competent authorities, Emarat Al Youm reported.

Maj. Gen. Zafeen stated that Dubai Police is keen to communicate with young people to listen to their views and their demands will be presented to the competent authorities to discuss the feasibility and whether it will limit wrong behaviour on public roads.

He disclosed that the Dubai Police booked 2,300 vehicles during the first quarter of this year for recklessness on public roads.

Zafeen stressed during the meeting that there should be a recognised entity representing these car owners, given that there are a large number of them.

He also pointed out that the problem lies with young people who do not have the necessary skills to race, and put their lives and safety of others at risk.

He added that it is also necessary to communicate with the Federation of UAE Motorsport, who should have a role, at least in the debate and the search for a solution.

A garage owner, speaking after the meeting, said owners of cars interested in amateur racing as a hobby are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dirhams to make their cars race-worthy.

Rashid Al Jabri, owner of a workshop, said, “We cannot give up this hobby. I refuse to supply or modify vehicles for people who use public roads.

But we need space in Dubai to practice our hobby, not exceeding an area of about two kilometres that is paved. We will arrange ambulance units, fire equipment and all the equipment you need.”

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