Good news for UAE expats: Guarantor for Canadian passport will be easier to find

Canadian expats in the UAE who wish to apply for a Canadian passport will find it easier to select a guarantor with the new requirements implemented by the Canadian government. In some cases, the person does not even have to be a Canadian.

As on December 9, 2013 the requirements for selecting a guarantor have been simplified, said Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister.

Based on the traditional Canadian system, a Canadian citizen who wishes to apply for a Canadian passport must provide a declaration from a guarantor, who can confirm that the applicant is who he says he is.

Since the last time the requirements of a guarantor were changed in 1969, this person had to occupy a certain profession, know the applicant for at least two years and fulfill a list of other requirements.

From this month on, there are only two such requirements; the guarantor must be an adult with a valid or recently expired Canadian passport (less than a year), or a member of an expanded list of a variety of occupations.

If the person is a member of one of these occupations, (s)he does not need to be a Canadian citizen. Furthermore, the list is universal and thus applies to expats all over the world.

The new list of occupations includes medical doctor, dean/head of university or college, dentist, judge, lawyer/notary, notary public, pharmacist, police officer, signing officer of a bank or trust company or of a financial institution that offers a full range of banking services (cash withdrawals, deposits, savings), and veterinarian.

“Canada is continuing to make the passport application process more efficient and streamlined for Canadians living abroad,” said Alexander. “As of December 9, 2013, if you are applying for a Canadian passport abroad, finding a guarantor will be much simpler,” was the minister was quoted as saying.

The move is welcomed by many Canadians as the old guarantor systems has been considered as difficult to work with.