He played video game while being raped

Alleged sodomy recorded on video and mobile phone

Two Emiratis, with other two fugitives and a person who is now dead, allegedly forcibly sodomised another Emirati and recorded the act on a video camera and a mobile phone.

According to the accusation sheet, in October 2009, AMH, 27, jobless and AIM, 28, employee, participated and assisted the other two fugitives and a third who later died, to sodomise SAM in AMH’s house.

AMH brought the victim to his house and the men sodomised him as the video recording that was found on his mobile shows.

Four recording sketches each were for 15 seconds showed that there was another person who was shooting the film when two men were having sex with the victim.

The sketches were retrieved from AMH’s mobile, who made a written confession that was submitted to the court, that he agreed to record the act and that he has agreed with AIM to bring the vitim and sodomis him.

The arraignment sheet mentioned that one of the fugtivies threatened with beating him if he did not obey them. As he refused, they beat him so he submitted to their request.

The recording showed that the victim was playing a video game while the men were sodomising him.

The sheet did not mention how the crime was revealed, did not include any testimony of the victim nor of the accused and did not mention why one of the accused died.

Khalid Salem Al Elwi, Assistant Chief Prosecution asked the court to apply stiff penalty against the accused.

AMH, who alone appeared before the court denied the accusation and the court adjourned the case until December 15 to notify the second accused.

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