Here's a list of the cheapest new cars in the UAE

Planning on buying a new car? But don’t have the cash to splurge, or the time to research? Not to worry, you’ve just clicked your way to all the information that’ll help accelerate your journey on the road. Our extensive leg-work unveils 8 cars that will cheer you up without creating a dent in your bank account.  So, this way, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Hyundai i10 Price: Dh36,000Specs:

1.1 litre, 4-cylinder engine, 5-door hatchbackSafety feature: Driver airbag

 Offers: None

The Good: It’s cute. It’s tiny. And, it’s easy to park. Most motoring critics credit it with good fuel economy, which is a crowd-puller. In terms of styling, it’s fairly basic, as the budget would indicate, with a Kenwood CD player and powered front and back windows. It’s the tilt steering that we, particularly, applaud.

The Bad: With the tiny body comes the uneven handling. The interior styling is a bit sub-standard, with cramped rear seating area and a tiny boot space.

Kia Picanto Price: Dh37,000Specs:

1.2 litre, 4-cylinder engine, 5-door hatchbackSafety feature: Driver airbag

Offers: None

The Good: It’s got a funky, sporty make-over from its predecessor. It is fuel efficient, and is packed with power steering, powered front windows and stylish interiors. It’s got the usual frills like CD player/AUX input, keyless entry

The Bad: It’s low on safety features and that’s non-negotiable. Given the tiny body, the rear passenger seating and cabin space is limited.

Chevrolet Spark Price: Dh37,000Specs:

1 litre, 4-cylinder engine, 5-door hatchbackSafety feature: Single airbag for driver

Offers:  1 year free insurance

The Good: The styling is impressive, and should get you noticed on the road. Jazzy speedometer is striking. Its fuel intake is economical, so that should leave you with spare money, which is always a good thing. The air-conditioning is good, and for this part of the world that’s an absolute essential. It’s compact, yet boasts of decent boot space.

The Bad: Again, the safety features are limited and hence frowned upon. Being compact as its comes, the cramped interiors can be a turn-off for tall motorists. And, if you are a speeding fanatic, this machine might appear a bit slow.

Suzuki Celerio Price: Dh38,000Specs:

1 litre, 4-cylinder engine, 5-door hatchbackSafety feature: dual airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS)

Offers:  1 year insurance and registration

The Good: Despite its tiny exterior, this one’s got enough room to accommodate tall motorists and that’s no mean feat. It’s easy on the fuel budget and comes packed with fog lamps, alloy wheels and power steering.

The Bad: The interiors are nothing much to write home about, with cheap plastic-y styling. Some motoring experts even claim it’s slow on the pick-up.

Renault Logan Price: Dh39,500Specs:

1.6 litre, 4-cylinder engine, 4-door sedanSafety feature: Driver airbag

 Offers:  3 year/100,000 km warranty and 30,000km/2 year free service

The Good: Another great example how budget cars are good on the fuel intake, leaving us with spare cash for other more important things. Being a sedan, it has got ample interior space in the front and rear, making it a good family car. The well-tuned suspension set-up is a plus.

The Bad: It lacks in power and, the interior styling is minimal. The safety features too are just adequate.

Nissan Sunny Price: Dh47,000Specs:

1.5 litre, 4-cylinder engine, 4-door sedanSafety feature: Dual airbags, ABS system, car divided into two zones – crushable (front engine and luggage space) and non-crushable (passenger zone), with the passenger zone protected during a crash

Offers: 1 year free insurance, 3 year warranty (unlimited mileage)

The Good: It’s fuel efficient and is packed with an impressive set of safety features. There’s even good head room, and ample leg-room for the rear passengers. It also brags of a big boot. Most motoring experts credit with good stability and easy handling

The Bad: The only downside being its mediocre cabin styling, with a basic CD player, manual windows and no central armrest.

Ford Figo Price: Dh47,000Specs:

1.6 litre, 4-cylinder engine, 5-door hatchbackSafety feature: Dual airbags in the front, special bumper linings inside the doors to reduce impact of a crash

 Offers: 3 year /60,000km free service and warranty

The Good: Ford is known for its styling, and it doesn’t fail to enthuse even in its starting range. It’s frugal fuel consumption, which makes it value-for-money. Also, the safety features are notable.

The Bad: It’s good on the uptake but slow on the highway. The front and back manual windows is a letdown, in comparison with its spruced up interiors.

Mitsubishi LancerPrice: Dh48,000Specs:

1.3 litre, 4-cylinder engine, 4-door sedanSafety feature: Driver airbag

 Offers: 1 year free insurance, 5 year/100,000 warranty

The Good: Doesn’t burn your fuel budget. Good family car with ample space in the front and back, and a decent boot space

The Bad: Most motorists complain it’s slow on the pick-up. The interiors are basic and lack style.


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