How many UAE Filipinos have voted?

Voter turnout stands at 15,000 at the mid-way mark of the month-long overseas voting for the Philippine elections (Shutterstock)

At the mid-way mark of the month-long overseas voting for the Philippine elections, the voter turnout stands at 15,000.

The number, although substantial, is far lesser than the registered voter population of around 122,000 in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

Talking exclusively to Emirates24|7, Consul Ferdinand Flores stressed that it is important that voters do not wait for the last minute.

"I would urge everyone to come and cast their vote early. Don't rush in on the last day to exercise your political rights."

He was hopeful that Saturday's voting would take the total to 17,000.

"We also set up a temporary polling booth in a hotel in Karama to help the huge Filipino population over there, and on Friday, we clocked nearly 2,000 votes, and we are expecting the same for Saturday," he said.

Consul Flores also urged voters not to turn up in clothes that hint at their political preference. "We have had voters come in wearing their campaign t-shirts or caps. This is not allowed. They will be reprimanded and asked to take off the caps, and cover the t-shirts. This is against the election decorum."

He also asked voters from taking pictures of the ballot or the voter receipt.

The month-long overseas elections, which ends May 9, will determine its 16th President and other government heads. The elections will also determine its vice-president, who will each fill a six-year term. The elections will also be held for executive and legislative branches for all levels of government – national, provincial, and local, except for the village officials.

In a public advisory issued by the Consulate General of the republic of the Philippines Dubai, the timings in Dubai will be from 8am to 9pm, until May 8.

According to the Commission of Elections in the Republic of the Philippines, overseas elections will be held in United States of America, Spain, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Hong Kong.