How much Emirates airline's pilots and cabin crew get paid

Emirates airline is to hire 4,500 staff starting April and the next big question on the minds of those who wish to apply is how much does the airline pay its employees.

“Our salary information is not publically available as it is dependent on the role and experience.

“Basic salary figures do not give the whole picture as there are other non-monetary benefits that accompany some roles, especially when comparing the Emirates Group versus other airlines and travel services organisations,” an Emirates spokesperson told Emirates 24|7.

Even though the final package may vary on the experience and will depend on individual case, here is what you can expect if you are flying high with Emirates.

First Officers with Emirates can expect both cash and non-cash elements as part of their package.

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The cash element for a Captain includes a monthly salary of Dh41,240 (basic salary plus hourly flying pay based on 85 block hours per month), whereas, the First Officer is estimated to take a monthly salary of Dh29,145 (basic salary plus hourly flying pay based on 85 block hours per month).

Pilots are paid an hourly flying pay on block hours, up to a threshold of 83 to 92 hours.

An additional productivity pay is paid for every block hour above the threshold of 92 hours.

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Besides, Emirates operates an employee profit share scheme based on the company’s performance and results.

A minimum tenure serves as the qualifying period for all new employees.

The employees also enjoy exchange rate protection scheme.

Fifty per cent of the basic salary of the pilots is protected against adverse exchange rate fluctuations between the UAE dirham and the currency of home country.

In a city where rents and education costs make up a big component of an individual’s yearly expenses, Emirates pilots can breathe easy.

They are provided with company accommodation (including an additional utilities support allowance) or accommodation allowance.

First Officers and Captains with children are entitled to an annual financial support towards the payment of core tuition for up to 3 children aged 4-19.

“I have a son who will turn 2 this August. I’m not worried about his schooling. He will go to JESS in the Arabian Ranches and Emirates will pay for it. Even getting admission into the school will be easy,” the wife of a First Office with Emirates told this website on the condition of anonymity.

In line with industry standards, the pilots are also eligible to Provident Fund/ End of Service Gratuity.

End of service gratuity is calculated at 21 days basic salary per annum for the first 5 years of service and 30 days basic salary per annum for each year of service thereafter.

The Provident Fund Scheme is a long-term savings plan in which the employee contributes 5 per cent of basic salary and the company contributes 12 per cent (paid out after 5 years of service).

The non-cash elements of the package include annual leaves aggregating 42 calendar days, annual leave tickets, insurance, etc and some additional privileges as well.

“Our key focus apart from employee satisfaction is to ensure that the Emirates Group remains competitive within all the markets it operates in, and attracts and retains the best talent in the aviation industry,” said a spokesperson while commenting on the remuneration policy.

New job opportunities at Emirates

Emirates Airlines will be hiring 4500 new employees this year for different roles and geographies.

“Emirates will recruit around 4,500 employees this fiscal year. This figures will be composed of approximately 3,800 cabin crew, 450pilots and the rest will be in other roles across the Group; such as employees for the new Terminal 3, engineering and corporate roles,” Alison Ward, Vice President Recruitment told Emirates 24|7.

The total order book of Emirates airline currently stands at 233 wide-bodied aircraft (excluding option rights) totaling about $84billion, with plans to operate to many more destinations in the months and years ahead.

According to the Emirates group’s careers portal: “Essential to our continued business success as we expand will be the ongoing employment of high quality people to join our multi-cultural team of over 160 nationalities.”

“Dubai, a tourism centre and modern cosmopolitan city with high standards of healthcare, education and leisure pursuits for residents offers those we hire one of the most desirable lifestyle locations in the world,” it adds.

In addition to lifestyle and tax free salary benefits, the Emirates Group also offers professional development opportunities to help employees develop new skills and grow their careers successfully.

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