How not to be annoying at work?

If you are reading this you sure have come across at least one person or maybe many at your workplace who simply put you off. Public behaviour can make a person likeable or unlikable but most of the times a so-called “annoying person” doesn’t even realise that his/her behaviour can be perceived as irritating and rude by others.

If you see your office colleagues frown when you do something, it’s probably time for some self-introspection – is your behaviour annoying to others? If yes, then be a bit considerate and stop getting on other people's nerves.

1# Keep your decibel level in check

Handling a loud mouthed colleague can be quite a task. Some people just talk too loud without even realising it. If you think you are loud, listen to your inner voice. Just because your co-worker is sitting next to you, s/he doesn’t need to listen to all your conversations.

Etiquettes demand be soft on the phone or while having a one-on-one conversation with another colleague. Respect other people’s time and let them concentrate on their work. If you need to share some hearty jokes, best way is to proceed to the hallway or the cafeteria.

2# Stop the odour that keeps others at bay

This is especially true in hot places like the UAE. Many complain of a colleague who is downright smelly to give them a headache. The people who suffer the most are the ones who have to sit next to a smelly worker in an open environment.

It’s just personal hygiene to make sure that you do not stink. This can be very annoying to those who suffer. Ditch the tag of the smelly one by simple things that need not be taught at this age.

3# Respect thy colleague

The world we live in is full of people who are in love with the selfie trend but please don’t make a demonstration of your narcissist tendencies at work.

Avoid making repetitive noises. Constantly making sounds, chewing with your mouth open, pulling things, purposely dragging your feet while walking, are ways of attracting attention. But, please stop. You will attract attention but may lose a friend at work.

4# Stop overcrowding

Some have a knack of minding other people’s business and at work they do this by peeping into their colleague’s screen, fiddling with objects kept on their desk or trying to check their phone.

Also don’t play the agony aunt if someone's having a bad day. Don't try to hang around and leave them alone. It’s not wrong to be considerate by lending an ear but only if asked. Else, you may fall in the category of “that annoying one” at work.

5# Don’t engage in a monologue

Listening is an art and those who practice it are a pleasure to be with. Conversation is a two-way street, so don’t talk constantly without giving others a chance to speak.

Let other people have their turn to share their thoughts and avoid interrupting someone if they are trying to speak.

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