How to claim a 4-digit Dubai number plate for just Dh3,000

Distinguished Number Plates are displayed at the auction in Dubai. (Salem Khamis)

In a country that boasts of the most expensive number plates in the world, this could be your chance to claim a distinctive 4-digit number plate for as low as Dh3,000.

Yes, you read it right – the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Licensing agency has invited public to an auction this weekend (Saturday, April 7, 2012) to obtain distinctive number plates.

Auction No. 75, which will run for two-and-a-half-hours between 2.30pm and 5pm on that day, will put on the bloc quite a few number plates that can make your car stand apart from the crowd on the road.

Including in the auction are three 2-digit number plates – H 27, G 37, and F 82 – with a reserved price of a cool Dh250,000 apiece. Or for Dh140,000, the three-digit number plate H 300 could be yours although the least expensive three-digit number plates – including J 786, J 108 and H 201 – could have for just Dh35,000.

But for those of us that figure is still steep, the auction also offers number plates for as low as Dh3,000 apiece. A four-digit number plate – H 1030 – will be available in the auction for a reserved bargain price of Dh3,000, as will be a couple of distinctive 5-digit number plates – I 11222 and F 77788.

For a bit more (Dh5,000), the RTA will be auctioning a large number of 4- and 5-digit number plates, including I 1131, I 1411, I 9001, I 10007, K 10011, K 10110, K 11011, K 10010, F 77787, I 70070, and many more.

The best part is that any bidder is allowed to buy as many number plates as possible, with no limit on the number of plates you might want to purchase.

Those willing to participate should pay a cheque amounting Dh10,000 refundable insurance fees, in case the bidder isn’t awarded a number plate in the auction. Participants should also pay Dh110, non-refundable fees for entry to the auction hall. Participants may pre-register online by logging on to