How to get free movie tickets in UAE

All three movie showcasers in the UAE have tie-ups with various banks with buy-one, get-one free offers, or discounts (File)

With the holiday season ahead, if you plan to beat the heat and chill at the cinemas with some of your favourite movie stars, then you would need a fool-proof plan.

Movie ticket prices for your bunch of friends and family could set you back, but not if you play by the ‘buy-one, get-one’ free rulebook. So, here goes.

All three movie showcasers in the UAE – Reel, Vox and Novo - have tie-ups with various banks with buy-one, get-one free offers, or discounts.

At Vox Cinemas, the CitiBank, HSBC, and Najm cards will get you the buy-one, get-one free offers, while  Standard Chartered and FGB cards will get a 50 per cent discount on your movie ticket purchase.  In fact, some banks even offer discounts on pop-corn.

Vox Cinemas also has a loyalty programme, rewarding its customers with free movie tickets. “You gain 10 points per individual movie watched. Every 10 movies watched, (or every 100 points collected on your card), means you are rewarded with a free standard movie of your choice at any of our VOX Cinemas,” reads the fineprint.

At Novo Cinemas, the Mashreq Novo credit card gets 50 per cent discount on tickets and earns you ‘Salaam Entertainment points’.

In fact, some banks list out offers not just on regular 2D viewing, but also on 3D tickets.

At Reel Cinemas, NBAD cards get you movie tickets for just Dh10 (on weekdays) and Dh20 on weekends at The Dubai Mall and The Beach, Dh 15 (on weekdays) and Dh25 (weekends) at Dubai Marina Mall. Additionally, there’s 20 per cent discount on snacks and refreshments, too.

There are also promotions linked with UAE mobile providers. Du offers buy-one, get-one free at Vox cinemas every Tuesday, while etisalat gives the same option in Reel cinemas on Wednesday.

Each bank lists out monthly minimum purchase policy, so it would pay to read the fineprint before making the big movie plan.