Husband beats wife? Kids, maids the key

It is often difficult to prove or even ascertain the truth of a crime that takes place within the house.

However, Dubai Family Prosecution has its own ways to get to the root of such crimes and solve them.

Speaking to Emirates 24|7, Advocate-General Mohammed Rostom, Head of Family and Juveniles Prosecution in Dubai, said that in many cases, the wife accuses her husband of assault, or even hurting her.

“These crimes normally takes place within the house. Often husbands deny the accusation and, in turn, accuse their wives of lying. This is one of the complications that we face while dealing with family problems.”

In such cases, they seek the help of children or housemaids, he added.

“In majority of such cases, children and housemaids will not lie. And if they do lie, then we have experts who can easily get the truth out from them,” explained Adv. Gen. Rostom.

“Husbands usually beat their wives when they are angry or when they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“In most cases, the husband would either slap or kick his wife. However, we don’t have many cases where the wives are badly beaten up by their husbands,” he said.

“But in some cases when the wife or husband suffer from severe injuries, they are transferred to forensic doctors and a medical report is sought,” he said and added, “this report helps a lot in delivering justice to victims”.

“Our investigators use special techniques in questioning children and housemaids, and they are successful in getting to the truth and finding who is at fault,” Adv. Gen. Rostom said.

“There are seven investigators at the Family Prosecution in Dubai, and five of them are women,” he added.

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