Husband sends wife’s nude pics to her co-workers

Hubby did not want to give due 'rights' to his wife

An Egyptian blackmailed his own wife and posted her private pictures on the internet and also sent them to her office colleagues to force her not to ask for her Sharia rights, the Dubai Criminal Court heard today.

AMM, 34, employee, is also accused of invading matrimonial principles and values.

The 30-year-old wife testified that she married AMM last year. After about two weeks of their marriage, problems began when she refused to buy him a car by arranging car finance from the bank where she works. But she refused and asked for divorce.

“He threatened to defame me among my family and colleagues. He stole my email address and posted my private pictures on the internet and also sent them to my colleagues claiming that I left my job and that I work as a belly dancer in night clubs. He also posted my naked picture on the Facebook and claimed my name is Maram and that I am a 20-year-old-girl interested in men,” she testified.

Her 66-year-old father, AMA, technical manager, testified that he received a phone call from his son-in-law asking him that my daughter should drop her Shariah rights in order to proceed with the divorce formalities otherwise he will turn her life into hell. He threatened with defaming her reputation among her colleagues and family via the internet. He also threatened that he would make her miserable so she would prefer death over life.

The court adjourned the case to June 20.

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