ID card deadline extension for Dubai? With 2 days to go some hope in vain

Jam-packed typing centres have some residents resigned to paying the fine

With just two days left for the May 31 deadline to register/renew Emirates ID, some Dubai residents are seen braving the crowds and scouting around for centres that are less jam-packed.

However, there are a few who have decided to wait it out.

“So many exceptions have been made before, so I am sure a new deadline will be announced soon. And if they don’t, then I am willing to pay the Dh20 fine,” revealed a resident, on condition of anonymity, insisting that he’d rather pay the penalty than queue up for long hours at the registration centres this week.

“It would be crazy to head to the centres just before the deadline. I’d rather wait for the rush to die down before heading there myself. And, Dh20 isn’t a huge amount to sacrifice,” he added.

With many crowding the registration centres in Dubai to avoid paying penalty, some residents informed 'Emirates24|7' about centres in Sharjah that were devoid of any rush.

“Head to Sharjah, near Rolla area, there are lots of typists there, who will do the job immediately. I got three passports registered yesterday within an hour.”

According to Emirates ID officials, as long as residents register and file for renewal of their National IDs, they are OK.

“By filling in the ID card application at any typing centre in Dubai before 01/06/2012 residents can avoid fines,” confirmed Ayesha Al Rayesi, Project Manager, Planning & Quality, Acting PR and Marketing manager.

But failing to do so, will incur them a fine of Dh20 for each day, with the maximum penalty totalling to Dh1,000.

However, exception has been made for those whose residence visa expires this year. “My residence visa expires in July this year, so I will apply for my Emirates ID when I renew my visa,” said Ricky Singh.

“They can apply for the Emirates ID, when they renew their visa,” clarified Diyaa Abdul Al, senior officer media and communications at Eida, adding, “This is done to ease the burden on the residents. They can go in at one-time and finish the entire process, instead of repeating it just two months later.” 


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