Indian associations welcome Ramadan with free medical camps and blood donation drives


With the holy month of Ramadan starting on Wednesday, various Indian community associations are busy arranging free iftar packages for the poor, especially the blue collar workers of various labour camps, and offering free medical camps, conducting blood donation campaigns and other charitable activities.

Fathima Medical Group and Dr K P Hussain Charitable Trust jointly organised a blood donation camp for its more than 100 employees, continuing a campaign that the group started six years ago.

“It is Ramadan and there are any number of people and organisations ready to donate money and food. Donating blood is very crucial, especially as blood banks in Dubai have reported a steep fall in their stock. As road accidents and fires are increasing, there is need for more blood donations and we have done out bit,” he said.

Dr Hussain said, “Conducting a blood donation drive is a way to show that we care about the community. Money can be donated but only few people come forward to give blood. About 38 per cent of total population can donate blood, but only 10 per cent do so. Donating blood helps obese patients with metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure and overall heart health. It helps surgery patients who need regular blood transfusions for some disease and fire victims.”

The Dubai chapter of the Association of  Kerala Medical Graduates (AKMG), an association of Indian doctors, in association with Sunni Cultural Centre (Markaz) conducted a free medical camp at the centre’s premises in Al Baraha, Deira recently in which over 1,500 people, mainly labourers and other people from the lower socio economic strata participated, said T C Satheesh, president of AKMG’s Dubai chapter.

He said 75 doctors from various specialties -- four cardiologists, two neurologists, five orthopedicians, six dermatologists, four opthalmologists, seven ENT, five surgeons , three gastro enterologists, three urologists, eight dentists, a psychiatrist, besides 25 internal medicine specialists, participated in the free medical camp.

“About 1,500 patients from different labour camps registered for the medical checkup and more than 2,000 checkups were conducted by the specialist doctors. People from other walks of life also participated in the free medical camp,” said Markaz officials.

Blood sugar and BP were tested for all labourers and for high risk blood cholesterol patients, free ECG was also available. Spirometry to assess lung functions and a fundus camera to detect eye involvement in diabetics were also available. Free medicines were also distributed.

The camp was inaugurated by Salim Mohammed bin Lahij, head of director-general’s office, Dubai Health Authority.

Dr Tiju, Indian consul (economic and education) was the chief guest and the meeting was presided by Dr T C Satheesh, president of AKMG Emirates’ Dubai chapter. Aboobakker Keloth, camp committee convener, highlighted the activities of Markaz in Dubai.