Indians top drink-driving offenders’ list in Dubai

Accidents due to drink driving fell in Dubai during the first nine months of 2010. (FILE)

Road deaths linked to drink driving declined in Dubai during the first nine months of the year that saw three deaths as against 11 during the same period last year.

The latest statistics from the Dubai Traffic Police reveal that 63 people were injured in accident related to driving under the influence of alcohol during this period in 2009 and 2010.

However, the number of accidents caused by drivers who were inebriated climbed down to 38 compared with 55 last year. Most of these accidents occurred during night times.

According to the latest figures released by the traffic department, Indians topped the list of offenders by logging 38.68 per cent.

UAE nationals were the next in the list with a share of 13.6 per cent that saw one death and four injuries.

Filipinos were the third with 10.5 per cent of drink driving accidents with four crash-ups that lead to five people getting injured.

Pakistanis came next with the same share of 10.5 per cent causing four accidents and injuries. They were followed by Iranians who caused 7.8 per cent of the accidents resulting in three injuries.

Egyptians and Palestinians cased 3.6 per cent each of the road accidents due to drink driving.

Besides the punishment under the country’s penal code, Article 58 of the Federal Traffic Law stipulates withdrawal of the driver’s license of those who cause such accidents, flee the scene, or jump red lights. In such cases, the licenses are revoked for up to two years.

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