Infant thrown in garbage chute out of ICU

Boy survived chute fall from 9th floor and will now be handed to a social-care centre

A newborn baby boy dumped down by his Filipina mother from the ninth floor through the building’s garbage chute in Sharjah is out of danger and was to be moved out of the intensive care unit on Tuesday night.

Hospital officials said the baby’s condition is now stable after doctors succeeded in stopping his brain haemorrhage.

“The haemorrhage has been completely stopped…the boy will be staying at the paediatrics ward for a while,” said Dr Muna Khalaf, a paediatrics consultant at Al Qassimi hospital in Sharjah.

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The semi-official Arabic language newspaper Alittihad quoted the hospital’s director Dr Aref Al Nouriani as saying the baby now weighs around three kg and could remain for seven to 10 days in the paediatrics ward before he is handed to the Sharjah social-care centre.

He said the baby was brought to hospital in a critical condition because of a fracture in the skill and brain haemorrhage.

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Sharjah police arrested the Filipina housemaid just three hours after she wrapped her infant in plastics and hurled him down into the chute. The boy was found by the building watchman who informed the police.

The maid said she decided to get rid of her baby after she got pregnant in an illicit relationship with a man who had left the country.

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