Inflation in Dubai: Click for rise and fall of prices in February

Monthly inflation rate of Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Goods and Services group has recorded a small 0.22 per cent drop in Dubai in February 2016 as compared to previous month.

A report issued by Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) today showed that this drop was due to a decrease of 2.79 per cent in the Transport Group, 0.68 per cent in Food & Beverages Group, 0.09 per cent in the Furniture & Household Items Group, and 0.01 per cent in the Hotels & Restaurants Group.

The monthly report said that the CPI for Miscellaneous Goods & Services Group increased by 0.46 per cent, Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Fuel Group by 0.23 per cent, and Recreation & Culture group by 0.07 per cent.

The report noted a stability in the monthly inflation index for other consumer groups.


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