Interested buyers rob Brit wanted to sell projector

Three jobless Emiratis allegedly attacked a British in his house when they came to see a projector he had offered to sell and robbed about Dh81,000 from his house by threatening him with a knife.

KIM, 33, AAS, 27, FAA, 24, have been accused of assaulting and robbing TJK using knife.

FAA has also been accused of using a credit card of the victim to buy a mobile phone, but his attempt was foiled by the bank, the issuer of the card.

The victim, 24-year-old visitor, testified that he was looking for a buyer for his projector, which was in a house on the Palm.

His friend Maron sent someone called Abdul Aziz who came along with someone called KIM interested in buying the projector.

After checking the projector, MIK agreed to buy it for Dh3,000 after a long bargaining started with Dh1,000 that the buyer offered.

TJK agreed to sell the projector for Dh3,000, so KIM called someone over the mobile and asked him to bring Dh2,000.

The other two came with Dh2,000 to pay it to TJK and then all three attacked both Abdul Aziz and TKJ with punches and threatened them to tell the whereabouts of precious items and cash in the house after stealing their wallets.

The victim’s wife hid in the bathroom and called the police… and started screaming that the police are coming, so the attackers ran away after stealing Dh81,050.

Police arrested the three when FAA tried to buy a mobile phone in Fujairah using the victim’s credit card. The purchase operation was not completed as the card was refused.

Police came to the mobile company and asked about the user of the card. The salesman supplied the police with the recording of the CCTV and the number plat of the buyer’s car.

The accused FAA tried to use the card again at a petrol station in Sharjah. Police arrested FAA and the other two; their fingertips also matched which were taken from the victim’s house. The court will reconvene on July 29.

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