Is this the end of accommodation sharing in Dubai?

Emirates 24|7 poll reveals many will risk breaking the law if new rules on tenancy contracts are implemented

As the new rules on attested tenancy contract to get a visa gain ground, some residents of the city believe this may see people take up individual houses on rent, which may mark the end of sharing accommodation.

However, those inclined to follow the rule are a few.

According to an Emirates 24|7 poll, only 14 per cent of the respondents opted to be on the side of the law.

On the other hand, a majority (74 per cent) will still continue to put up in a shared house and believe that people will find ways and means to flout the rule.

Besides, 12 per cent of participants are not sure about what they should do.

According to Zubin Firozi, Head of Property Management, Head Office, Better Homes, “There is still a lot of confusion pertaining to the new rules and until the authorities clearly clarify the purpose of the rule and specify the application of this rule, we do not exactly know how it will impact expatriates who share accommodation.”

Clarification on families/categories sharing a house is of prime importance for people who are still part of the joint family system in the city.

“It is important that the authorities distinguish the categories of sharing,” as the Better Homes expert puts it.

“We have seen large properties being rented where two brothers and their families would jointly live together. This can be perceived as sharing accommodation; where the tenancy contract is in one brother’s name but the other brother and his family also live together in the same property.

“Also, what about single executive brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues that rent a property on one person’s name and property is shared with the other,” he added.

“I’ve grown up in the UAE and the tenancy contract is in my mother’s name as I was a minor when we took up this house.

“Now, I’m married but still live in the same house with my wife and child. I don’t know what happens to me in this case,” a resident living in Jumeirah told this website.    

Experts believe being on the right side of the law is always the best thing to do but every aspect of such a law needs to be taken into account.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense enforcing such a rule to all expatriates.

“I believe the requirement to have a tenancy contract in the expatriates name while renewing/applying for a residency visa, should mainly be applied to expatriates sponsoring their families in the country.

“This would definitely make sense as it is important to know if the expatriate sponsoring his family is capable to properly accommodate his family while they are here,” he said.

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