It will be close to 15 hours of fasting this Ramadan

Islamic scholar says duration will reduce to 14 hours and 20 minutes towards end of holy month

The duration of fasting during the month of Ramadan in the UAE is expected to be close to 15 hours, especially in the beginning.

According to Islamic scholars, the time of fasting will range between 14 hours and 50 minutes in the first weeks of Ramadan, to 14 hours and 20 minutes towards the end of the holy month.

The weather forecast has the maximum temperature during Ramadan at 46 deg C in the beginning and reducing to 41 deg C towards the end.

Ashraf Nour Al Haq head of the Calendar Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai revealed the above information to this website adding that heat will be most intense in the internal areas of the country.

“The period of fasting for the second 10 days of Ramadan, which is predicted to be July 30 to August 8, will be ranged between 14.41 hours and 14.30 hours,” Al Haq said, adding, “The duration of fasting during the last 10 days of the holy month, which is anticipated to August 9 to August 18 will be between 14.30 hours and 14.20 hours.

Al Haq stressed that people should avoid fatty food and heavy meals and they should break their iftar with dates and light food.

He also recommended avoiding soft drinks and spicy food.

He called on Muslims to avoid sleeping immediately after eating and not to smoke as well.


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